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Style and Trends

Stripes : This is a trend that keeps coming back . This also reinstate the fact that fashion is often recycled and as such quality which ensures longevity is better than quantity. Keep your stripes


These have been recreated in exciting ways that cutrs across ages . The platformish , the fun, the light, the bright , different types of sneakers are arriving andare fun to pair with dresses, jeans  shorts and actually anything for a fun casual  flirty look.


Athletic outfits :

Maybe it’s the growing need for fitness and health , or maybe it’s the sports athletes that are becoming more noticeable , but sport inspired outfits  is growing , from the  collar to the arms to the whole body, sportiness is integrating with style and fashion


The mule,” :

This is a type of half slippers, half shoes that our mother wore and some of us wore around the house , well it is coming back in different shapes , sizes, fabrics, fits . It’s a bit girly so may not be for the tomboy girl

Lace , Victorian look:

This is a favored very very attractive trend i.e ruffles, lace , wide sleeves etc and is being seen across clothes . It lends to the old era of class and Victorian rulling but a lot of the styles now come with a classy look and has the opportunity to cuts across casual or party dressing .





























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