Follow your bliss

What you get whenever you follow your bliss is increased happiness in life. Whenever you follow your bliss you get to live a, well, blissful life. Happiness is a mind-set, following your bliss is how you arrive there. Following your bliss helps you to fulfill those needs of you and those you love, cherish or that have meaning in your life .

First, let us look at what your basic needs for happiness are, and after that see how following your bliss directly leads to happiness. So given that you know exactly what your needs are, let us look at how, whenever you follow your bliss, you touch your WE PROMISE needs. Since happiness is a mind-set and bliss is how you arrive there, following your bliss is directly related to your happiness. Following is the action you’ll take, Your bliss is what you’ll be following. Following your bliss is an activity, not simply an idea. Simply knowing what your bliss is matches your needs for Meaning. Your bliss gives you a feeling of purpose, belonging, clear objectives, and deep self awareness. By following your bliss, you’re meeting your Involvement needs. Happiness comes from taking action, from actively following your bliss.

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